Payment methods

Elmacshopaccepts the following payment methods:

  • credit card
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer in advance

Credit card

Elmacshop accepts payments with credit cards belonging to VISA / MASTERCARD. For purchases made with credit card no additional fee will be charged.

The payments on this site are certified through the security systems "3D Securcode" These systems provide confirmation of your payment by entering a security code provided by the credit card issuing bank. In the event that the customer does not possess this code he canask for all additional information to his bank.

In order to make the payment the following information is required to the user: Card number, issue date, card holder name, cvv2 code.

During the payment you will be redirected to the site Phoenix Group Companies Trentine Banks, the institution responsible for payment transactions by credit card on Elmacshop. During this phase you will be asked to give your consent to the data required by Phoenix, of course the data will be used exclusively for the payment of the desired order and will not be disclosed to third parties.

The debit transaction is carried out simultaneously with the confirmation of the transaction; the positive result will be shown on the screen to the customer.


The Paypal mode allows you to

  • Add the product to your cart
  • Be redirected to the authentication page of Paypal to finalize the order with a simple click

Bank transfer

By selecting the payment method "Bank Transfer" the customer, once completed the order process on Elmacshop will make a bank transfer with the following specifications:

  • Beneficiary: Elmac II srl.
  • Bank: Credito Colli Euganei filale di Mestrino
  • IBAN: IT92G0861062650017010000314
  • Reason: Order Number

The payment must be made no later than 3 working days from the date of purchase. At the expiry of that period, in the event of non-payment, the order will be automatically canceled.

In order to reduce the timing verification of the payment and subsequent to have earlier delivery of the order the customer will have the ability to communicateElmacthe CRO code (Code reference operation) via e-mail at

The CRO is a numeric code of eleven digits, with which every banking institution uniquely identifies each banking transaction, and that allows (depending on the banking institutions) to verify the movement of money between banks.

In the email sent to, in which you communicate the code CRO, you would have to specify:

  • The code CRO
  • The code TRN (Transaction Reference Number), a series of 30 alphanumeric characters
  • The order number (eg. 10000589)
  • Name holder of the order (invoice nominee)
  • Use as the email subject "ENTER CODE CRO ORDER NO. XXXXXXXXX "